Android Fanboys Troll Move To iOS App With Bad Reviews

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Android fanboys showed their worst side today, with the release of Apple’s Move to iOS app on the Play Store. The app, which is Apple’s first app on a non-iOS platform, is designed to easily transfer your data from your Android device to an iDevice.

Justin predicted the “fake bad reviews” previously and that’s turning out to be an understatement. The reviews on the app’s page on the Play Store are plain ridiculous and now resembles the front page of r/AndroidCircleJerk on Reddit. The app has an average rating of 1.8 with almost 6,000 one star ratings at the time of writing this article.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews. The number one complaint seems to be “How dare Apple release an app on Android to move people away from it? GASP!” Well, this doesn’t have much to do with the app itself, now does it? This, unfortunately is lost on the reviewers.

Another common complaint is that this app doesn’t follow Material Design. OMG, how dare they?! But seriously, it’s not like Google conforms to Apple design standards for its iOS apps. They all conform to Material Design. And instead of dissing Apple, who actually have a competing platform, may I turn your attention to Facebook and Instagram, for example, which do their own thing with app design? Heck, with some Android only apps not following Material Design guidelines, we aren’t in a position to call out Apple.

And then there are the more ridiculous trolls. People who left a one star rating because this app didn’t work with their iPhone 3G (the second iPhone ever released). People who compared Apple to North Korea. People who claim to have gotten Ebola after installing this app. These are the folks who believe they’re the warriors, fighting to protect Android from the evil that is iOS. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realise that they’re just creating a toxic environment, one people will actually move away from over time.

Fanboys, whichever side they’re on, have a sense of smug entitlement. With Android fanboys, this has become worse over the last couple of years, since iOS is now getting features Android has had for years. And all that entitlement is beginning to stink.

On a funnier note, I can’t wait for Tim Cook to go up on stage and announce the tremendous demand for iPhones and how unhappy Android users are, thanks to all the trolls downloading the app just to leave a bad review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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