Divide By Sheep Review: Not Your Average Puzzle Game

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At first glance, Divide by Sheep may seem like your standard, run-of-the-mill, Angry Birds ripoff of a time-waster game. However nothing could be further from the truth. From the studio that brought you Party Hard (that crazy brutal sim game where you break up an obnoxious party in the most hilariously gruesome way possible) and Speedrunners (a fast-paced multiplayer platform racer) among many other great titles, tinyBuild games has recently delivered a very unique math puzzler game that combines some dark humor with engaging applications of basic math in a fun way.


Do you really need an explanation of why we’re throwing sheep around, drowning some, savingdivide-by-sheep-grim-reaper others, feeding them to wolves, slicing them in half and bandaging them back together? I didn’t think so. But in case you’re really curious, the Grim Reaper is lonely and can only be friends with the dead. So naturally he starts looking to make some friends and settles on some sheep. Sound goofy? Well not nearly as goofy as the creative ways you are charged with to kill some of them off while saving the rest. Grim flooded the world and has employed the help of wolves, pigs, electric fences, lasers, and, most important, lots of dark humor.

Speaking of dark humor, there is definitely enough cartoon gore to make the game intended for a mature audience only. We’re not talking Tarantino blood or gore but slicing a cartoon sheep in half is meant to be funny and not cause nightmares, so everyone’s mileage may vary individually on who is old enough to handle these concepts.



Divide by Sheep starts off rather easy as players ease into the puzzle concepts and enjoy the twisted and humorous scenarios. The 120 cartoon levels spread across 5 worlds all offer their own unique situations that keep increasing in difficulty as you continue to solve the puzzles. Seemingly easy at first, things get trickier as you’re forced to start dividing and putting halves together, figuring out how to complete each step of the puzzle while setting up the following steps without axing too many sheeps.

Wolves, trampoline, electric fence, lasers. What more could you ask for?

Even though Divide by Sheep is available on Steam, it’s definitely geared toward the mobile platform and truly designed to be played on a touch screen. Your main action is swiping a singular or group of critters to the next island or to the rescue boat and that’s about it.


The artwork and designs in the game are fantastic. The critters, in their original states, are cute and adorable. After various forms of maiming that is offered throughout the puzzles, the “gore” is funny. The wolves fatten up after they’ve eaten a sheep and can’t move, the two halves of the sheep after it’s been sliced in half, everything in the game was masterfully created to keep that balance of fun and morbid dark humor.


I started playing Divide by Sheep and immediately thought I had the hang of this thing and I’d blow through the levels with ease, but I was sorely mistaken. The game is far more challenging than any other puzzler game I’ve played and definitely far more rewarding. The frustration that would normally follow while struggling through a game is definitely offset by the morbid humor. While it is available on Steam for $4.99, I would definitely recommend picking up the app version on your mobile device through iTunes, Amazon, or the Google Play store. Not only is it a mere $2.99 (and sometimes on sale for less) but you’ve also got it at your fingertips on the go, which is exactly where you’re going to want it.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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