New Men In Black Trilogy In The Works Sans Will Smith


The Men In Black Trilogy is pretty successful as far as film trilogies go. The first movie debuted in 1997 with a sequel that followed five years later in 2002. We wouldn’t see the third and final installment of the trilogy for another 10 years, when the movie debuted in May of 2012.

Each of the three films show two agents for the secret alien monitoring organization played by Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K. While Jones was in the third one, a bulk of Agent K’s acting was done by Josh Brolin, who played a 1967 — and younger — version of K. The third movie alone raked in $624 million, which is good, but Sony took a hit paying the hefty price tags for the power house actors they had with the talent onboard.

With the franchise being a huge money-maker for Sony, the company is looking to capitalize on it even further. At one point there was even talk of a 21 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover. While that’s still up in the air, it appears that married Men In Black producers Walter Parkes and Laurie McDonald are in the process of reviving the franchise and creating a new Men In Black trilogy with out Will Smith. Here’s what they had to say on the matter:

THR: You produced Men in Black. Has there been talk of reviving that franchise with the new Sony regime?

Parkes: We’re in the middle of it. It’s very active.

THR: Is Will Smith going to be part of it?

Parkes: Most likely no.

MacDonald: It will be reinvented as a trilogy.

So there you have it. The Men In Black franchise will be reinvented as a trilogy and Will Smith will most likely not reprise his role as Agent J. While reboots are common in Hollywood — Spider-Man, anyone? —it’ll be hard to reimagine the Men In Black as anyone other than Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

What do you think? Would you like to see a MIB reboot? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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