Xbox One Smite Players Craving “The Indomitable Spirit”


Any well informed Xbox One Smite player knows that the anticipation for the upcoming updates can be completely nerve racking.  But the wait is almost over as the “Indomitable Spirit” update is almost here.  As with all the updates from Hi-Rez Studios, this update will contain new skins, item changes, ability tweaks, and the greatly relished new god Xing Tian.

Xing Tian is a Chinese god that will fall into the Guardian category with much to offer any team.  His abilities help his allies, while also crippling the enemy. Being able to bully and stun is only a small part of this god’s arsenal. Leaping through the air and slamming down on his foes is one thing that sets him apart from many in his class. But his “Ultimate” is what really makes him shine: swinging his mighty axe around scooping up all enemies he makes contact with doing damage and then throwing them into the direction of his choice is a game changer.

Gods such as Fenrir, Agni, and Ratatoskr will be receiving new skin FenrirSmiteSkinupdates. Fenrir’s Ragnarok skin brings a much needed sense of ferocity to the character.  Agni’s Volcanic skin is getting a graphic update for visual improvements. Our favorite, or hated depending on if he is on your team, little squirrel god Ratatoskr gets his gold, legendary, and diamond skins.  Also Xing Tian will come with one alternate skin changing his skin from his monstrous green to a fearless red.

There will be several smaller additions in the update which is very common, such as voice packs, character emotes, ward skins, minor game improvements, and fixed game issues. Many of these small tweaks can go completely unnoticed by the average player.  But for those who are avid about the game not knowing about the fixes to several minor problems is a HUGE deal.

When it comes to being the god among gods on the battlefield, knowing your items and what they do is essential to victory.  Many item changes can spell disaster for some players and for others it becomes their new best friend.  Rest assured that none of the item changes will go without notice.  When any item is changed by even the smallest amount the game’s balance shifts in one direction or another, for better or worse.  Two of the largest item changes that will have an immediate effect on players will be the complete rework of Bluestone Pendant and the nerf of Weakening Curse.

Bluestone Pendant originally used for mana sustainability now will give the character added damage. What was once a great item for hunters to use to stay on the front lines will now be used to bully their opponent out of the fight more quickly.  Weakening Curse has two purposes: slowing all enemies in a radius around the user while reducing the healing those players receive by a whopping 100%.  Sucks to be a healer that can’t heal.  But do not fret little healer, the item will now be reduced in potency.  Instead of reducing the healing abilities by 100% it will now only reduce them by 65%, a much needed balance change for the weary healer class.

AresIn Smite, knowing your god and what he/she is capable of is crucial. With the update many of the gods will get some changes, with much emphasis on the gods Guan Yu, Khepri, and Kumbhakarna. The newest god Khepri is receiving some small nerfs once again to help balance him. While the other two, Guan Yu and Kumbhakarna receive buffs to their abilities. Guan Yu gets an upgrade to his passive and adds some extra slow to his arsenal. The big guy Kumbhakarna gets some added damage to his “Ultimate” ability as well as some extra “Root” duration to his Crowd Control kit.

No matter how serious of a Smite player you are it’s always nice to have an edge on the enemy, and the best weapon in almost every case is knowledge. With every update put out for this fast growing sensation players find better ways to dominate the arena. The question is, will you have the upper hand against the opposing gods? Or will they on you? You can watch the patch overview video below, or check out the source link for more detailed patch notes.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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