Google Domains Lets Man Buy For $12


We should all know by now that computers aren’t infallible, and as a result some interesting things can happen from time to time. Sanmay Ved was poking through the new Google Domains interface a few days ago to get a better handle on how the service worked, typed in “” and clicked search domains. And what should show up in the search results as being available for sale? — the main domain for the search giant.

Ved jumped on the opportunity and added the domain to his cart, for the low price of $12USD. His cart update, he was able to successfully checkout and pay for his newly acquired domain. Once paid for with his Discover card, he received a couple of emails with undisclosed information about the domain. His latest purchase was also added to his Google Domains order history, his Google Webmaster Tools were updated with webmaster related messages showing that ownership had actually been transferred to him.

Of course his ownership was short lived, being that he managed to somehow purchase from the companies own Google Domains service, and the transaction was quickly reverted by Google, his purchase refunded, and his access to the domain through Google Webmaster Tools revoked.

There’s no word from Google as to why or how this happened. In the past, popular domains have had their ownership transferred (temporarily) when companies have forgotten to renew their domains, and that may have been the case here as well, or it could have just been a simple computer glitch. You would think that companies would have their domains set up to auto-renew to avoid instances like this.

Either way, Sanmay Ved can honestly say that he owned for a brief period, something that probably no one outside of Google can lay claim to.

What do you think about Ved’s ability to temporarily buy Computer glitch or maybe some deeper underlying issue? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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