Meet The TYLT Energi Desktop Charging Station


We enjoy TYLT products here at Techaeris and we think they make some of the best consumer peripherals on the market. Not only do they work great but they’re designed well and hold up well too. Now the company is introducing their new TYLT Energi Desktop Charging Station which they launched on Indiegogo just today. The Energi Desktop features 4 USB charging ports that are all 2.4 Amp so they’re perfect for charging not only smartphones but tablets too. But to add to the convenience of having 2.4 Amps TYLT has also made these ports Rapid Charge, perfect for quickly charging your devices.

TYLT Specs

There is also a 5th USB port you can use to charge your devices but the slick part is that USB port pops out and is a carry along 3200 mAh external battery pack. With all these cool features and power that TYLT is packing into this thing you also have the convenience of only taking up one wall outlet in your house instead of a whole outlet with a mess of plugs. Check out the TYLT promo video below for a quick look at what they’re working on and hope to get funded.

The Energi Desktop is also a smartcharger so it determines how much juice each device needs by autodetecting what is plugged in, this way there is no wasted energy. It’s a pretty slick setup and I’m sure once the Indiegogo is over we’ll get our hands on a review unit. If you can’t wait that long and this thing piques your interest, then hit the link below to support their Indiegogo campaign.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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