New Xbox One Experience Update Includes Fixes, Controller Update


Xbox announced through its preview forum that a New Xbox One Experience update started rolling out to a small group of participants yesterday. Whether or not this will be rolling out to everyone in the NXOE preview we’re not sure as the company specifically mentioned “a small group of participants.” It’s most likely to test the fixes with a small subset of users to make sure there aren’t other major issues that crop up.

The update fixes various problems that were sent in as feedback by those testing out the NXOE. These fixes include app freezing, live TV, console boot, and other fixes, as well as a controller firmware update, so if you’re part of the preview be sure to update your controllers as well.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been previewing the NXOE since the beginning of October and once you get over the design change, it is faster to access the commonly used sections. It’s far from complete as there are quite a number of issues that need to be ironed out before the November release. It is looking promising though, and we’re sure Xbox is working hard to squash all the bugs.

The full list of fixes appears below:


OS version released: th2_xbox_rel_1510.151011-2132
Available: 6:00PM PDT 10/13 (2AM GMT 10/14) 


  • Screen Dimming: Fixes for screen dimming issues are in this build
  • Media App no longer freezing: Media Titles such as Hulu, Netflix that were experiencing video stuttering and stopping have been resolved.
  • Browser: You should now experience significantly fewer crashes when using the Edge browser.Please help us test this fix by exploring your favorite websites! (such as,,,,,, etc…)
  • Live TV:
    • Cable/Satellite set top box compatibility should now be more comparable to the current Xbox One Experience. Please continue to report video playback and audio issues using Report a problem to help us improve the experience.
    • Dolby Digital surround should now function with Live TV
    • Favoriting is now supported for App channels.
    • The “Xbox Snap TV” voice command should now function correctly.
    • When resuming from connected standby the Xbox One media remote should no longer fail to send commands.
    • You should now be able to use voice commands to navigate in Live TV.
  • Controller Firmware Update: A new controller firmware update is available. Please navigate to Settings > Devices & accessories to download the update.
  • Console Boot: This build contains a fix to address issues with encountering a black screen shortly after the console boots up.
  • My Games & Apps: For users in China and Korea, My games & apps should no longer launch to a black screen and fail to start.
  • Home Screen: The tiles on the Home screen should no longer flicker when a disc based game is installing.

As with any beta software, there are quite a few known issues which are also outlined in the post.

Known Issues:

  • Controller Input causing app crash: You may experience an application crash in certain scenarios if you attempt to use your controller during them. You can avoid this by not touching your controller during these scenarios:
    • Taking a future system update. If you experience this crash, you must reboot your console in order to restart the update.
    • Taking a controller update
    • Taking a content update
    • Testing your multiplayer connction
    • Testing your networking connection
    • Setting up a wireless network while the wireless access points are being enumerated.
  • GameDVR : GameDVR crashes in snapped mode
  • Kinect: Kinect mic toggle in the guide has a UI bug
  • Apps not launching: Certain apps may fail to launch.
    • Showtime Anytime
    • Voice Studio
    • BlinkBox
    • UPlay
    • Wuaki
    • NowTV
    • MLB
  • Apps with video streaming or other issues: The following apps will launch but videos or streams may not play or you may encounter issues.
    • SyFy
    • EPIX
    • beINSPORTS
    • GoPro Channel
    • AT&T U-Verse
    • iHeartRadio
    • Media Player
  • Games not launching: Certain games may fail to launch.
    • Xbox Fitness
    • The Crew
    • Nightmares from the Deep

Game and App Issues:

  • Titanfall: Titanfall may fail to connect to Xbox Live.

Workaround: Hard reset the console.

Skype: Skype currently will not function if used in the background.

  • Kinect Games: The Kinect may fail to track your movement when playing Kinect games.
  • NFL Live App: When playing videos in the NFL Live App, the screen may dim after a short period of time.
  • Closing Apps: Sometimes when closing an app or following an app crash you may be unable to relaunch the app for 1-2 minutes, after which it will relaunch as normal.
  • Connected standby and apps: Apps such as Netflix and Twitch may crash to the dashboard after resuming from connected standby.

General System Issues

  • Guide:
    • Navigating in the Guide may cause the Guide to crash and remove you from any existing parties. You should be able to rejoin/restart parties without issue.
    • Launching the Guide may cause the screen to dim and become unresponsive, followed by an error dialog indicating “Something went wrong”. After 1-2 minutes the Guide should launch successfully, or you may have to restart the console.
    • Signing in or out more than one user may cause the Guide to crash. Relaunching the Guide should display the correct sign in status of all users.
    • Toggling the Kinect microphone for chat in Guide Quick Settings will cause the Guide to become unresponsive. You can toggle the Kinect microphone for chat in the Settings app.
    • Voice commands currently do not function in Guide.
  • Disc Installations: Certain games may fail to install from a disc if auto launch is disabled.

Workaround: Enable auto launch in Settings.

  • Browser: Snapping any combination of Edge, Youtube, or the Blu-ray player next to each other will cause you to be unable to return to the Home screen or bring up the power menu. These apps will function normally in full screen mode.

Workaround: If your console does become stuck in this state, perform a hard reset.

  • Virtual Keyboard: The virtual keyboard may not function when attempting to browse in Edge.
  • Sign In: You may be unable to sign in to Xbox Live.


The following will work for most users.

    • Press and hold the power button to fully shut down your console, then power the console back on.
    • Navigate to Settings/Accounts/Remove accounts and choose the account you are experiencing issues with.
    • Navigate to Guide/Sign in and choose “Add new” to recover your profile.

If the above doesn’t work, you must ensure that “Instant sign in” is not enable for the account you are experiences issues with. The following will work:

    • Press and hold the power button to fully shut down your console, then power the console back on.
    • Sign in with an account that works.
    • Navigate to Settings/Accounts/Sign in, security & passkey and set Instant sign in to “Nobody”.
    • Press and hold the power button to fully shut down your console, then power the console back on.
    • Navigate to Settings/Accounts/Remove accounts and choose the account you are experiencing issues with.
    • Navigate to Guide/Sign in and choose “Add new” to recover your profile.
  • Snap Center: When YouTube is snapped, it may share input with the home screen.
  • Global Speech Overlay:
    • Suggestions is not currently present in Global Speech Overlay.
    • Contextual commands is not currently present in Global Speech Overlay.
  • HDMI-In: You may experience a black screen when using a device via HDMI-in, even if this device is not a cable or set-top box.

Workaround: Run through the initial TV set-up and configure for a TV provider even if you don’t have a TV provider.

  • My Games & Apps: My games & apps may crash if switching quickly between Apps and Queue or Games and Queue.
  • System Update Errors: If you encounter an update error screen while downloading a system update and the console freezes, please wait 3 minutes before rebooting the console to ensure crash data is captured. Crash data is submitted automatically; no action required on your part.
  • Automatic Downloads: Content purchased from will not automatically download to the Xbox One console. This feature is planned to come later.
  • Notifications: Friends do not receive game toast notifications.
  • Season passes: In a small number of cases, users with season passes may find that they aren’t recognized by the game.

Workaround: Uninstall your other season passes and re-install the season pass you wish to use. 

  • Upload Studio:
    • Upload studio may become unresponsive when navigating to Game DVR and pressing B to go back.
    • You may encounter a crash when adding Kinect video or audio.
    • You may encounter a crash when trimming clips.
  • Community Twist: Currently this area is not fully populated with content and is missing large sections of the user experience. Activity feed content also may not be actionable and items on the trending items second level screen have not been fully tuned.  As Preview moves forward content and features in this area will light up. 
  • Xbox One Media Remote:
    • When resuming from connected standby the Xbox One media remote may fail to send commands; a hard reset resolves this.
    • The buttons for media playback will not work (rewind, play, pause, fast forward, skip back, stop, skip forward). The directional and center “select” button will function as normal.
    • All non-navigational buttons may not function (including Volume Up and Volume Down).
  • USB TV Tuner:
    • If you have a USB TV Tuner plugged into your Xbox One console, Windows and Windows Phone SmartGlass devices will crash when attempting to connect to the console. To avoid this, you can switch to the Xbox App on Windows 10 or reset your TV settings and avoid setting up the USB TV Tuner.
    • Australian users may encounter a “Blocked Content” error on all channels when using the USB TV Tuner.
  • Third Party Peripherals:
    • Racing wheels cannot be used to navigate home or system dialogs.
    • When using instruments with Rock Band 4, the screen may dim after a short period of time.  
  • Wireless Networking:
    • You may encounter a “wireless network hardware on this console is not working” error when connecting to Xbox Live with a wireless connection.
    • You may be unable to detect wireless networks with an external hard drive attached.

Workaround: While the console is off, disconnect the external hard drive, power on the console, connect to the wireless network, and reconnect the external hard drive. 

Live TV Issues:

  • The OneGuide pin doesn’t function. You can launch OneGuide using the app, voice commands, or from the OneGuide twist.
  • You may experience a stuck frame streaming TV to the Xbox App. You can enter OneGuide or resize your window to restore video playback.
  • The media transport controls do not work when streaming TV to SmartGlass and Xbox app clients.

Xbox App/SmartGlass Issues

  • SmartGlass and Xbox App Live TV/OneGuide: You may experience issues connecting to Live TV or OneGuide when connecting to the console with SmartGlass.

Workaround: Set your SmartGlass connection to auto connect, quit the app, and restart. If the issue persists, hard reset the console.

And there you have it, a full list of the fixes, and known issues with the updated version of the NXOE, hopefully rolling out to a console near you soon. Have you been using the NXOE? Let us know what you think about it so far in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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