Samsung And TSMC iPhone 6S Chips Perform Equally

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The Internet, as it’s wont to do, went wild over reports that the new iPhones running Samsung produced A9 chips had poorer battery life compared to iPhones toting TSMC made A9 chips. After running some tests, Consumer Reports has found that this isn’t actually true.

Consumer Reports took two iPhones, one with the TSMC chip and the other with the Samsung chip and set them up under equal conditions. Both iPhones were set to approximately 50% brightness and kept in an isolation chamber to ensure there were no stray radio signals. Both iPhones were also on the same network T-Mobile and were running iOS 9.0.2. Consumer Reports also said they went through every single setting to ensure that both iPhones were exactly configured.

One test was carried out by making both phones transmit a +10 dBm signal on the same band. Both phones held out for about 5 hours with about a 2% difference in battery percentage at the end of it. Another test involved making both phones cycle through a series of websites such as Amazon and CNN with 10 songs set to loop simultaneously. Once again, both phones died at about the same time, 11 hours in. The difference in the battery percentage at the end was less than 1%. Consumer Reports says that both phones heated up to about 84° F (about 29° C for all you non-US readers) and once again, the difference in temperatures was less than 1%.

All in all, it’s quite obvious that yet again, the Internet has exploded over a non issue. This seems to be happening more and more these days, with fanboys grabbing their pitchforks at the first sniff of trouble. Most users forgot that each phone behaves differently based on the way it is used and hence, it is difficult to compare results without making the conditions identical. “Chipgate” it turns out isn’t actually a thing.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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