iOS 9.1 Released But Does It Fix The Random Shutdown Issue?

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Apple released iOS 9.1 yesterday to great excitement over new emoji’s like taco, burrito, cheese wedge and middle finger. News sites were all over these exciting new features but everyone has seemed to glaze over the glaring random shutdown issue plaguing some iPhone users. I have already written a few editorials on the matter and had thought the issues were resolved with the help of an Apple “genius” but just over 48 hours later, my iPhone shut down again. Once again the only method of bringing life back into the iPhone was a hard reset (home button & power).

I followed both procedures outlined to me by the “genius.” First I reset all settings, which basically wipes all your account information and app information. That’s a pain in the butt but when that didn’t work I reluctantly performed the next fix: Reset the phone and setup as a new phone. This is a more drastic fix as everything will be wiped from the device. After 48 hours the phone had not shut down, the longest it had ever gone. So I was content to call it solved and wrote up an article with pleasure outlining the fix. Well now we’ve come full circle and another visit to the Apple store is forthcoming. In the meantime, I have installed iOS 9.1 hoping that the fix is in the update.

Apple has not openly acknowledged any issue with iPhones and the Apple Store’s diagnostics say my phone is healthy. But there is something going on here, I’m not the only one suffering from these random shutdowns. I’ve contacted Apple regarding the issue and have yet to hear back from anyone. If you’re having random shutdown issues let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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