Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition Out On PC And Consoles

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After receiving over 150 awards and nominations, 2014’s Divinity: Original Sin RPG is bigger and better than ever with over 1,000 improvements to the PC version and the release of the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new enhancements and content is available today in the Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.

From a massively revamped story to updated graphics, sounds, and visual effects, there are so many updates and additions to the PC version that Larian Studios has released a PDF outlining all the changes. Those who have purchased Divinity: Original Sin will get The Enhanced Edition as a standalone game for free and should see it as a new entry in their Steam or GOG library.

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition also brings the popular RPG to consoles with a slick and stylish interface which allows the player to seamlessly switch between inventory, spells, and skills. Each player has full control of their own UI, in and out of split-screen mode. The console versions feature brand new content, drop-in, drop-out online and offline multiplayer, three new difficulty modes, and a host of new features that may surprise both RPG fans and new players alike.

Key features include:

  • Adventure through an extended and enhanced version of Original Sin’s vast and expansive world with over 80 hours of content.
  • Play in co-op multiplayer online or in local split-screen to engage in co-op dialogues and shape relationships with your partner that will influence the game.
  • Gripping party and turn-based combat allows you to manipulate the environment and use skill & spell combos, including new styles and a plethora of skills unique to the Enhanced Edition.
  • Unravel a deep and epic story set in the early days of Rivellon. Taking place well before Divine Divinity and The Dragon Knight Saga, Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition presents players with a familiar world in another era.
  • Enjoy a newly implemented 360 degree camera and upgraded visuals and effects for the most vivid depiction of Rivellon yet!

Check out the console launch trailer then take a look at the combat and co-op trailers below to get a better feel for the game.

Have you been playing Divinity: Original Sin on your PC? Are you looking forward to playing Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition on your console (or PC)? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, and check back soon for our full review of the Xbox One version here on MOARGeek.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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