Vic Gundotra Named CEO of AliveCor

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Those active on Google+ will no doubt fondly remember Vic Gundotra as he was pretty much the face of the social media network during his final years with Google. When Gundotra announced he was leaving Google a year and a half ago, cries of “G+ is dead” circulated the Internet (and no, that hasn’t happened). After taking some time off, AliveCor has announced that Gundotra has joined the company as CEO.

“I am thrilled to become part of the AliveCor team. What they have achieved throughout the past four years is tremendous,” said Vic Gundotra, chief executive officer of AliveCor. “Being able to understand what is going on inside heart disease through data analytics and machine learning has the potential to change the way we think of and participate in our healthcare. I am looking forward to being on the forefront of consumerizing medicine and working with an extremely intelligent team with innovative products.”

AliveCor has developed a mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) device which allows users to record accurate ECG’s and heart rate anywhere, any time in just 30 seconds. For the average consumer, you can also use it to track symptoms like palpitations and shortness of breath, sleep and exercise activities, and habits like coffee and alcohol consumption. It definitely sounds like a cool tool that could be indispensable, especially for first responders.

Previous to AliveCor, as mentioned above, Gundotra spent 7 years at Google – 3 as Senior Vice President, and 15 years at Microsoft working on various products and systems.

We wish Vic Gundotra all the best in his endeavors at AliveCor!

 Source: AliveCor

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