Tumblr Unveils New Instant Messaging System In Classic Tumblr Fashion


For years now, users of popular social network Tumblr have been waiting for the site to come out with some form of a messaging system outside of the the ask box and fan mail. The wait is now over, since the microblogging hub has now decided to roll out instant messaging in the most Tumblr way possible.

Instead of working out the kinks before unveiling it or releasing an optional beta version, Tumblr is giving the messaging feature to 1,500 users to start with before making the feature available to the entire community. Any blog that is messaged by one of the initial 1,500 blogs will automatically receive the messaging feature before it goes sitewide in a few weeks.

While viral spreading may not be the typical way to bring about an update to a major site, anyone who has ever spent more than a few minutes on Tumblr can vouch for the fact that is far from the typical social media outlet. Outside of XKit users, a threaded messaging system has been one of the most glaring holes missing from the site, and they may be the first step towards answering the frequent calls for IM.

Though the addition looks to serve as a positive, many of its most recent updates since the site’s acquisition by Yahoo have not been well received by the community. Most notably, users have not been too fond of the design changes and the addition of suggested posts and involuntary ads popping up on their blogs.

Tumblr messaging will be similar to its current ask box feature, as you can message any public blog with the feature enabled. Unlike the ask box, there will not be an anonymous feature to hide one’s identity, for better or worse.

Some are already finding fault with the messaging system since it will change the current style of fan mail, but as is usual with change, pleasing everyone will always be a tall task.

Are you excited about Tumblr finally getting instant messaging? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments below, or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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