Google And Facebook Come To Search Agreement

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There are numerous signs found across texts and stories indicating the end of the world. Most are open to interpretation, but any kind of partnership between rivals like Facebook and Google is reason enough to say goodbye to your loved ones. In what must be a mutually beneficial deal, as hard as it may be to believe, Facebook will allow Google search to display some public information from within it’s walled-garden social network.

Why would either company agree to this? For Google, the incentive is deeper reach. Since search comprises the majority of its revenue, maintaining dominance is important. If the world’s biggest social network is off limits, Google’s search capabilities appear weaker and less relevant, especially in a mobile environment. Anything users cannot find in Google drives the fickle masses elsewhere, possibly for good. Now with public profiles, pages, and posts from Facebook showing up, Google’s search functionality is even more robust. For Facebook, the advantage is that these search results are more of an invitation. The displayed results are links that will direct users into the Facebook app or mobile site, driving more traffic to them and sanguinely keeping them there.

“When people search for public Facebook content on the mobile web, those who use Facebook for Android can now click through and go straight to the Facebook app,” – Facebook spokesperson.

Exclusivity is also key in this deal as the Facebook results will only show up on Google searches performed on Android devices, at least for now. An important detail, and a nice little extra for Google in this deal.

It almost feels like we’re back to square one with Google serving as just a search engine and Facebook just a social network. Considering the strides both companies have made (unsuccessfully) into each-other’s territory, this feels like an uneasy alliance at best. Of course this is nothing new, as plenty of rival companies maintain symbiotic rapports; see Google and Apple.

Do you think this unholy union will help both companies, have no impact, or end terribly?

Let us know in the comments bellow or hit us up on social media.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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