John Oliver Is The Voice Of The People In His Monologue On The Tragic Paris Attacks


The world is reeling following recent tragedies that have befallen places such as Beirut, Baghdad and Japan, with the violent attack at multiple locations in Paris garnering the most attention internationally. On Sunday, comedian and TV host John Oliver began his show Last Week Tonight by taking advantage of the liberties given to him by HBO’s premium cable status speak on the matter the way many of us want to.

In a profanity laced mini-rant, Oliver opened the show with the somber tone that has characterized all media coverage of the tragedies that have occurred in the past week. Along with that tone came a measured level of anger and frustration that exists within the general public, but can’t make it past the censors on basic cable or national television.

“And this is when it actually helps to be on HBO, where those things can be said without restraint.” the former correspondent of The Daily Show said. “Because after the many necessary and appropriate moments of silence, I’d like to offer you a moment of premium cable profanity.”

What followed was a diatribe that was hopefully as cathartic for Oliver to say it as it was the audience to hear it. Since last Friday’s terrorist attack on Paris, the public outrage was limited to social media with varying degrees of severity, but the media has been limited keeping the vocabulary PG.

John Oliver jumps right into it by describing the assailants as wide variety “a******s”, with different modifiers like “gigantic f***ing” and “unconscionable, flaming”, and describes their brand of ideology as “pure a******ry.” If that wasn’t enough to illustrate his true personal feeling towards them, he adds “f*** them, if I may say, sideways.”

At this point he was just getting started. Oliver made it certain to make sure that people know that while the attacks in Paris were horrific, the nation of France would endure and would not be shaken too deeply by this act of cowardice.

“If you’re in a war of culture and lifestyle with France, good f***ing luck, because go ahead, bring your bankrupt ideology. They’ll bring Jean-Paul Sartre, Edith Piaf, fine wine, Gauloises cigarettes, Camus, Camembert, madeleines, macarons, Marcel Proust and the f***ing croquembouche,”

Oliver added that ISIS, the militant extremist group that claimed responsibility for the massacre, stand no chance because they brought a corrupt ideology, to a “pastry fight”.

With the attacks seeming to have moved from targeting political and economic hotspots, to targeting the western lifestyle by ambushing concert halls, restaurants, and sports stadiums, John Oliver’s ability to add humor to such a dark time was noble and should be commended.

While our hearts very well should be with the victims of the attacks in Paris, it is also important to send positive thoughts to the victims of similar attacks in Beirut and Baghdad that have received very little media attention. Though the world may seen dark at the moment, there’s is hope and it lives through spreading positivity.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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