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Light Side Or The Dark Side? You Can Choose With Google’s Star Wars Makeover!

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As we all know, The next episode of the Star Wars Saga is coming Friday 18th December. With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Google have given their apps a makeover on which side of the force you choose. There are little Easter eggs everywhere across Google’s apps such as the YouTube progress bar turning into a blue or red lightsaber for which side you pick.



Navigate the streets in your own personal tie fighter!

Another great Easter egg is on Google Maps. Your location icon will either be a Tie Fighter or an X-wing – while they may appear subtle, they’re incredibly neat hints at the upcoming movie and an awesome feature for Star Wars fans. There are many other Easter eggs across Google applications such as Chrome and Gmail. My personal Gmail had a nice dark theme with a Dark Side wallpaper.

Google have said that none of these new Star Wars themed Easter Eggs will affect functionality of Google Apps, and the new stuff may “take a while” to appear in your apps according to Google, which they announced in their Google Blog.

“Once you choose a side, it may take a few hours for the Force to awaken within all your apps,”

Some changes — like those for Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube — are only visible on desktop devices. Similarly, none of the custom themes appear on work accounts, so don’t worry about revealing your allegiance in the office. Once you are bored of the new customisations (we won’t be) or you want to change your allegiance, head to www.google.com/starwars to remove or change your side.

Google says this isn’t the end of its Star Wars tributes, and promises that there’s more to come, including “the Millennium Falcon in all its (virtual reality) glory.”

Which side did you choose? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

  Source: Google Blog

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