Apple Watch Price Drop Hints At March Release Of Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c?

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Target is offering a $100 Target gift card (only good towards future purchases) if you purchase the Apple Watch in their store, effectively bringing the entry level price to $249. Best Buy has one upped Target instituting a straight Apple Watch price drop of $100, no gift cards needed. So basically, right now might be a good time to purchase an Apple Watch if you’re curious and don’t want to pay more than $300. These price drops also hint at a possible release of Apple Watch 2, said to be hitting the market in March. Apple Watch 2 will likely remain priced at the current $349 price point, possibly higher, depending on Apple’s strategy. You can read our Apple Watch review to help you decide if purchasing the Apple Watch 1 is worth it to you.

There have been no Apple Watch 2 leaks worthy of talking about so we know basically nothing of what is to come. Other than the obvious upgrades to watchOS I’d expect Apple to do very little with the hardware aside from perhaps better glass and improvements to Force Touch. Apple’s second generation hardware tends to be incrementally updated so think long and hard about pulling the trigger on that Best Buy deal. While $249 is a much better price, remember, that is for the 38mm watch not the 42mm. So if you have bigger wrists, prepare to pay $299 for the 42mm.

Rumors of an iPhone 6c in a 4″ form factor have also been making the rounds but no credible leaks have come about on that either. We have seen a few leaked images back in March but either Apple is keeping a really tight lid on this one or it just isn’t happening. Many iPhone users weren’t too happy with the larger iPhone 6 screen and wanted their 4″ screens back. If that happens, you can expect that the same tech in the iPhone 6s/6s Plus will not be in the smaller 6c. If rumors hold true, Apple intends the device to be a cheaper entry level device, they tried this before with the 5c and failed, so we’ll see if they manage not to screw it up in round 2.

iPhone 6c
courtesy 3D Future (concept render)

What do you think of the Apple Watch price drop? Are you picking one up? Is the iPhone 6c a real device? Or just rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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