Israeli Group Rayzone Develops InterApp Smartphone Hacking System


An Israeli group, Rayzone, says it has developed a new smartphone hacking system that can hack any smartphone with WiFi enabled. The system is named InterApp and is supposedly able to work in proximity of any smartphone to steal any sensitive or non-sensitive data on the device. The data it can collect pretty much runs the gamut from contacts to emails and phone calls to web history. Rayzone claims there are no special parameters for the system to work, other than WiFi being enabled on the device, this does not mean it has to be connected to WiFi. Rayzone has some details on InterApp on its website.

The Intelligence System That Can Hack Any Smartphone

Rayzone specializes in developing cybersecurity systems for government agencies so we’re assuming InterApp is likely to be used by the Israeli government or other government agencies. According to both Motherboard and International Business Times UK have asked for more details on how the system actually works but Rayzone has declined to comment. The company states the technology is for government use only and would not disclose full details to journalists.

This technology could raise concerns about privacy, particularly in the United States where the NSA has agreed to ramp down its spying tactics. A system like this could be the NSA’s best friend but would surely rile up most any privacy rights advocate.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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