[UPDATED] Stratos Card Company Seems To Have Closed Down


The Stratos Card seemed to be a new payment method many people enjoyed. A Bluetooth card that stored all of your other cards securely, making them simple and secure to use. The system seemed to work well and the company seemed to be doing well and was apparently very active on social media. That is, until recently when Google+ reader Chris Sewell noticed they seemed to have dropped off of social media and were not responding to one of his open service tickets. That struck Sewell as odd and he tried to ping them on social media as well as email but didn’t seem to get anywhere with his requests. It wasn’t until reader Samantha Myers posted in response to Sewell’s Google+ post that a possible clue turned up. The link Myers provided was to a local Michigan website that was listing the property where Stratos offices are located as being for sale at the start of 2016.

UPDATE: 12/21/2015 – Our original source Chris Sewell has provided a few more items of evidence that Stratos is indeed belly up, see the screenshots below.

Stratos Card Update



UPDATE 2: 12/21/2015 – Techcrunch claims to have had contact with Stratos and is reporting the founders are preparing a statement to be released to them today. Stratos has not returned our emails or inquiries.


Located on the corner of Detroit and Beakes streets in Ann Arbor, the space at 617 Detroit will be available for lease starting early next year, according to Cody Bowlds, an associate adviser for Sperry Van Ness, the commercial real estate group listing the property.

The all-in-one, Bluetooth-connected card company Stratos will be leaving the space at the end of the year, said Bowlds, meaning a new tenant can move in very quickly.

The sale of their headquarters could mean the company might just be upgrading or downgrading HQ, but then it doesn’t make sense they would cut off communication with customers. They’ve also stopped taking orders on their website and everything just seems to have gone dark. We’ve contacted both Stratos’s press email contact as well as Resonant Venture Partners for comment on the matter. At the very least Stratos does owe their customers an explanation of what is happening and we hope we can get that information for them.

Are you a Stratos customer? Have you been contacted by the company? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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