Apple Music Reportedly Has 10 Million Paying Users

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Apple Music has reportedly crossed the 10 million paying users mark in just about six months after launch.

This is significant because Apple’s streaming service was launched in June 2015, just over six months ago. Many critics claimed that Apple was too late to the music streaming scene. However, as with most things, Apple seems to have pulled it off while others have given up and shut down, most notably, Rdio. Apple Music’s strongest competitor is Spotify, which announced in June 2015 that it has over 20 million paying customers, double of what Apple Music has now.

Spotify took six years to cross the 10 million paying users mark, though this can be attributed to the service launching at a time when music streaming was in its infancy. Today, music streaming is one of the more popular ways to listen to music.

Apple tried very hard from the start to attract users to Apple Music. It offered a trial period of three months, the highest of all music streaming services. And while the price for an individual customer is on par with other streaming services, Apple Music has a fantastic family plan, with support for up to six users at just $15. Apple Music is also available in countries where Spotify and Google Play Music aren’t, with the service appropriately priced in the regional currency.

Apple Music is also the first Apple service with official Android support. The Android app is available on Play Store and my review can be found here. The app released with some glitches, though Apple has been diligently pushing out updates to fix them.

Apple is obviously doing things right, to have gained so much traction in so little time. It certainly helps that the app is pre-installed on all iOS devices running iOS 8.4 and up. As an Apple Music user myself, I’ve been nothing but happy with it, as I’ve written in my review linked above.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

Apple Music hits 10 million paying users.

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