Google Gives Pakistan Government YouTube Censorship Option


Google has “launched” a new version of YouTube for Pakistani users after being banned from the country since 2012. The government of Pakistan has announced a removal of the over three year YouTube ban due to the fact Google has givenPakistan a YouTube censorship option. Pakistan banned Google’s YouTube back in September 2012 when the very controversial video “Innocence of Muslims” was uploaded to the site which created a squall across the globe in both Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

“On the recommendation of PTA, Government of Pakistan has allowed access to recently launched country version of YouTube for internet users in Pakistan,” the ministry said.

“Google has provided an online web process through which requests for blocking access of the offending material can be made by PTA to Google directly and Google/YouTube will accordingly restrict access to the said offending material for users within Pakistan.”

It’s important to note that it doesn’t sound like Google has given over complete control of this version of YouTube but it has made it easier for the government to contact them quickly for removal of “offensive” material. Google is “working” with other countries, such as China, to re-enter the market and gain back valuable users to their services. But the price to play in some of these countries is censorship of content which doesn’t always sound great to many users.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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