BRAVEN 805 Review: Beautiful BRAVEN Design With Big Sound


Let’s face it, Bluetooth speakers are saturating the market everywhere you look. Head on over to Target and you can spot them in the dollar section for $5 a pop! Bluetooth speakers are easy to make and almost becoming a disposable device for some people. But not all Bluetooth speakers are made equally. Sure you can pick one up at Target for $5 or on Amazon for $25 but there’s disposable and then there’s usable. This is our BRAVEN 805 review.


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Beautifully crafted with simplistic details the 805 blends in well with any home decor without overpowering the rest of the home. Made from strong and sturdy plastics and some metals, the feel of the speaker is nothing but premium. It has a good solid weight to it that makes it feel substantial and like it should survive a nice tumble from a table. BRAVEN has also taken into consideration that some people may want to have a little pop of color and they offer the 805 in 9 different colors. Overall the design is simple and clean with minimal BRAVEN branding and I think it’s appealing to most users.

Ease Of Use

Most Bluetooth devices have become exceedingly simple to use these days and the 805 is no exception. Pairing is done by pushing the Play button for a few seconds and waiting for your device to find the Bluetooth signal. Once paired you’re ready to go and that’s just about all you have to do.


The 805 produces some fat sound with a little emphasize on the bass, not overly obnoxious but it does favor the low end. Mids and highs are balanced and overall the music sounds amazing and fills our kitchen just fine at 1/3 volume. The 805 can connect to another 805 to give you even more power and sound. We didn’t have two 805’s to test but the sound coming from one single 805 makes me think two is even better. Overall the sound is amazing for this price point paired with the quality and design.

Reception/Call Quality

The call quality is great on this speaker. It comes with a noise cancelling mic that is supposed to help others hear you better on the other end. We don’t often use speakers like this to take phone calls but we did notice you have to be in a good range of the speaker while using it for others to understand you. It’s not like you have to have your face mashed up to the mic but standing 15 feet away from it with your back to it might not get you good results. I usually stay away from phone calls on these types of devices but it’s good to have the option.

Battery Life

Sporting a 4400 mAh battery the BRAVEN 805 is advertised with 18 hours of battery life and that’s just about right, I was able to get 17-20 hours depending on volume with our unit. The 805 also comes with a USB port you can charge your smartphone with. It’s only 1A so don’t expect to charge a tablet but it should take care of a basic smartphone.


At $199.99 the BRAVEN 805 isn’t cheap but the sound, quality and design do make it worth taking a look at. You might buy another Bluetooth speaker for half the price but end up pitching it after six months of use. The 805 is likely going to last you for a very long time.

Wrap Up

High price but really worth it as this speaker should be around your house for many years.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Braven 805 for the purposes of this review.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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