Parrot Updates Zik Headphones, Unveils Parrot Pot At CES 2016


Parrot is a company that has their hands in a little bit of everything. Perhaps best known for their drones, Parrot also has quite a few automotive solutions for OEMs as well as aftermarket solutions, as well as their Zik line of headphones, and other consumer products. As crazy as CES can be, we had the chance to talk to Parrot in a comparatively subdued setting during the Discover Blue event. This event was an opportunity for a select group of media to meet with a carefully curated group of companies doing interesting things with Bluetooth devices. You may have already seen some of the other videos that we recorded at the event, and if not, you should check out our YouTube channel for all kinds of cool stuff!


Parrot was showing off two of their newest products. First up was the new and improved Zik 3 headphones. We reviewed the previous iteration — Zik 2.0 — and were quite impressed. Recently announced, the updated Zik 3 headphones bring even more to the table.

In newer announcements, Parrot also brought their Parrot Pot. This smart plant system will help anyone from the clueless botanist to even the greenest thumb take care of their plants. The system will proactively monitor the air and soil temperature, soil moisture, fertilizer levels, and even light. But most impressive, the Parrot Pot will water your plant for you, determining the most appropriate time to water, and watering only the appropriate amount.

You can check out the Zik 3, Parrot Pot, and everything else that Parrot has to offer on their website.

Last Updated on February 14, 2017.


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