Google+ iOS Update Brings Huge Improvements To UX


Just recently we wrote an article really blasting the usability of the Google+ app on iOS because frankly, it sucked donkeys. Now we’re back to let you know there is a new Google+ iOS update that brings with it some huge improvements to the user experience improving usability ten fold. Google+ has been my choice of social network since it opened back in 2011. I was one of the first beta users the very first week it opened and I never looked back at any other social network since then. Back in 2011 my primary mobile operating system was Android, since then I’ve adopted both Android and iOS and the Google+ mobile experience had been great on both up until recently.

Since I was pretty rough on Google for completely fouling up the Google+ app on iOS earlier, I felt it only fair to write up this update due to the significant changes it has brought to the UX.

• Sign in as your Google+ page
• Fullscreen! Header and footers hide on scroll
• See recent posts from your circles (enabled via Settings > Advanced Settings)
• View collections from people you follow
• Native video playback
• Accessibility improvements and bug fixes for VoiceOver users

Along with native video playback Google included signing in as your Google+ page (finally) which has been on Android forever. Fullscreen with header and footer auto hiding on scroll is a welcome addition. I have also noticed improvements in speed and scrolling as well as notifications. It’s great to see that the Google+ team listened and brought some much needed additions and improvements to the iOS update. If you’re a Google+ and iOS user I strongly suggest you download this update right away, the improvements are noticeable and much needed.

Have you dowloaded the Google+ iOS update? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Google+ Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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