Need More Language, Violence, & Nudity? Deadpool Director’s Cut Confirmed

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It is a mere 11 days until the highly anticipated new Deadpool movie graces us with its presence on movie screens across the US. If you know anything about Wade Wilson and his wacky adventures, it comes as no surprise that the theatrical film has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to strong violence, strong language, sexual content, and graphic nudity. If that does not excite you, though, a fan at a UK screening of the movie caught TJ Miller, who plays Deadpool’s trusty sidekick Weasel, on video confirming that there will be a directors cut that will be even “more raw” and “pretty heavy duty.” Because what kind of Merc would Deadpool be without ALL of the violence, language, sexual content, and nudity?

20th Century Fox hopes to capture the true essence of Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth with an already hugely successful advertising campaign. Deadpool, played by none other than the pretend-Green-Lantern-didn’t-happen-hottie Ryan Reynolds, has graced various Billboards with clever advertising such as the images below.



Fox has also released a few PSA videos with the traditional humor that one would expect from Deadpool, calling for men and women to “touch themselves” in a self-exam to combat testicular and breast cancers.

If nothing else, the racy, hilarious, and gritty hype of the movie has already been worth it. Hopefully the theatrical version will sate our dark and gritty Deadpool needs until the directors cut makes its way to the Blu-Ray section in stores.

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