Dutch Police Training Eagles To Take Out Drones


Drones are a whole new category of tech that has recently seen an uptick in popularity for hobbyists and companies alike. With new technology comes a whole new set of challenges and in the case of drones that means regulation of flight. But as we know, not everyone is so keen on following the rules and regulations. So how do you deal with rogue drones? The ones who refuse to play by the rules? Well the Dutch police have come up with a decidedly low tech way of dealing with this high tech pest: eagles. The Dutch police have gotten some assistance from a company called Guard From Above in using eagles to take out “hostile” drones. The company specializes in training birds of prey for this very thing and it just might be the most brilliant solution to the problem you could find.


Currently the Dutch police are in the research and testing phase with Guard From Above and the program has not been implemented as of yet but we suspect that it probably will be. Drones can be a problem where other aircraft are flying and could pose a serious hazard to commercial aircraft. While regulations are in place for no fly zones for drones as well as altitude and other specifics, the problem of unauthorized flights is very real. It will be interesting to see just how well these eagles do and if the program gets traction around the world.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2017.


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