NexDock Turns Your Portable Device Into A Laptop


With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Continuum which allows users to connect a supported Windows 10 smartphone to a monitor using a special dock which transforms it into a full fledged PC experience. Nex Computer has announced NexDock, a 14-inch monitor with built-in battery and Bluetooth keyboard which turns Windows 10 smartphones, tablets, mini PCs — think Raspberry Pi — and more into a laptop at a fraction of the cost of a laptop.

“Microsoft introduced a promising direction with Windows 10 mobile OS with Continuum feature and we hope to bring more productivity to Windows 10 smartphones with NexDock” said Emre Kosmaz, founder of Nex Computer LLC, “You can also get more productivity with NexDock with the smallest PCs, tablets to transform them the most affordable laptops and it is only the first step to our vision. In the future, we want to design docks with better integrated Mini PCs. By separating processor & OS from the displays, we are hoping to start a paradigm shift in consumer electronics which would enable less electronic waste for environment and a better computer to match customers exact needs.” he added.

While Windows 10 smartphones with the Continuum dock are handy, the innovative NexDock also lets you get the most out of many other devices just plugging in to a mini HDMI-in port. This portable monitor with built-in battery and Bluetooth keyboard transforms tablets, mini PCs and more into a fully functioning laptop that lasts days. The NexDock laptop is just the beginning as Nex Computer wants to develop docks with a variety of sizes and displays.

NexDock can be used with smartphones, tablets, PC sticks, and more.

Nex Computer has started taking pre-orders with a crowdfunding campaign and early birds can grab one for $79 or $99 respectively. They will continue taking pre-orders for $119 until the end of the campaign.

Check out the videos below, then hit the source link to support NexDock.

And check out NexDock working with a Raspberry Pi device:

NexDock with Raspberry Pi from NexDock on Vimeo.

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