John McAfee Offers To Decrypt iPhone For The FBI


The iPhone 5c that was used in the San Bernardino shootings has become the hot topic of the week even making it to national news as well as the political campaign. As we all know, Apple CEO Tim Cook has refused to comply with a court order that requires Apple to decrypt the iPhone in question. The argument from both sides is compelling with privacy rights backers insisting that Cook is correct in not helping the FBI in decrypting the phone.

While national security backers want Cook to help the FBI decrypt the phone in case there is important data on it. You can see the catch 22 for some people. Who do you side with? The government’s persuasion that they need access to backdoors in tech to protect us. Or privacy advocates who say giving a backdoor of any kind is asking for trouble. Now John McAfee has weighed in on the matter and is offering to decrypt the iPhone free of charge and he says he can do it in three weeks.

This is a black day, and the beginning of the end of the US as a world power. The Government has ordered a disarmament of our already ancient cybersecurity and cyber defense systems, and is asking us to take a walk into that near horizon where cyberwar is unquestionably waiting, with nothing more than harsh words as a weapon, and the hope that our enemies will take pity at our unarmed condition and treat us fairly.

The FBI, in a laughable and bizarre twist of logic, said that the back door would be used only once and only in the San Bernardino case.

So here is my offer to the FBI. I will, for free, decrypt the information on the San Bernardino phone, with my team. We will primarily use social engineering and it will take us three weeks. If you accept my offer, then you will not need to ask Apple to place a back door in their product, which will be the beginning of the end of America.

The situation is a complex one and for the average consumer watching the mainstream media news and listening to political candidates on the matter it is over their head. The copy written for the major news networks generally have an agenda attached to it and tends to muddy the story. McAfee makes some very valid points in his op-ed (click the link below to read all of it) and if he can crack the iPhone without building a backdoor tool then the FBI should take him up on it.

What do you think of McAfee’s offer to decrypt the iPhone? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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