Killer Instinct Is Adding The Arbiter From Halo

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Killer Instinct was a launch title for Xbox One back in November of 2013 and to this day still has a prominent following of people who love fighter games.  The game has over 20 playable characters and with the start of season 3 in March they will be adding the Arbiter from Halo into the mix.  The Arbiter, or Thel ‘Vadamee initially, is most recognized from Halo 2 where you play as him through half of the story.  Prior to being the Arbiter he was a Covenant Supreme Commander, one of the highest ranks in the Covenant Navy, during the successful attack on Reach and then followed the UNSC Pillar of Autumn as it escaped and stumbled upon Installation 04.  Upon failure of keeping the holy ring safe he was stripped of his title and was appointed to be the new Arbiter by the prophets Truth and Mercy to do their bidding in missions that would surely result in death.

The Arbiter is bringing his trusty energy sword and carbine to the fight as you can see demonstrated in the Killer Instinct Arbiter video.  It also appears as if he has sticky grenades and the ability to use his active camouflage.  From the video it looks like they are fighting in some ruins on Sanghelios, the home world for the Sangheili race.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone from the Halo universe has made it into a fighting game.  In Dead or Alive 4 they wanted to use Master Chief.  Microsoft and Bungie liked the idea but didn’t want to use the same iconic protagonist from Halo so they created Spartan-458, or Nicole, to include into the fighting game.  They had the same armor as Master Chief but wasn’t the same character due to reasons involving the story.

Season 3 for Killer Instinct will be kicking off next month and also will be arriving on PC at the same time.  With the new season there will also be cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One, which seems to be a growing trend with other games like Fable Legends and Gigantic including that feature.  Hopefully this trend will continue and will be something we see more of in the future.

Are you looking forward to being able to fight as the Arbiter in the new season of Killer Instinct?  Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.


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