Microsoft Crosses The Line; Windows 10 Will Now Display Ads On The Lock Screen


While your laptop or desktop are called “Personal Computers,” that tag will soon be inapplicable. Windows 10 now displays advertisements on your PC’s lock screen, definitely taking the personal factor away from the whole experience.

Right now, the ads are limited to titles available on the Windows Store, a service that Microsoft has been trying to position as a gaming destination, to take on alternatives such as Steam. The Windows Store will carry titles for both PC and its Xbox consoles. The ads seen right now are for Rise of the Tomb Raider, a game available for both PC and Xbox.

You can disable the ads (for now; Microsoft may well take away this option with a future update). Navigate to Settings, Personalization and select Lock Screen. Disable the option labeled “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen.”

This move by Microsoft is bound to receive flak. Users don’t want to be sold stuff on the lock screen of their personal computers, a man and his castle and what not. Depending on the kind of tracking included, this could also raise questions on the privacy of users, something Windows 10 has already received a lot of criticism for.

Some users have pointed out that the ad is basically a wallpaper of the game with some text included in a corner somewhere. True enough, though it should be noted that there are really no limits and we could very well end up unlocking our PCs after closing half a dozen pop ups. While this is an extreme case, my point stands that we should not allow anyone to display advertisements on our systems.

What’s your take on Microsoft’s decision to push ads to the lock screen? Have you seen one? Let us know, in the comments below, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Google Plus.


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