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Virtual reality is slowly taking the world by storm. Sure it is nothing like James Cameron’s Avatar and his venture into 3D, nor is it as fabulous and widespread for the next best mobile device but it is slowly getting there. We are overly cautious of course, since the first great VR revolution literally “crashed and burned” in the 90’s, when it was reduced to a mere cardboard gimmick.

However, thanks to Oculus Rift, the company behind some of the most impressive VR tech in years, and its acquisition by Facebook (of 2 billion dollars) says something about the future to come. Yet another big clue is the increasing involvement of more and more software and hardware companies in the VR race – Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, everyone are joining in with their own version of a VR gadget. So where’s gambling in all of this you might ask? It is right up there with the latest innovation of course! At the forefront is Microgaming – the software development company which is the prime innovator and pioneer for all things digital. The first online casino software, the first mobile casino software and now, for the very first time – the prototype for a VR roulette game. For now however, try this exclusive no deposit bonus if you are in the need of a high quality real money casinos, with the inclusion of free spin bonuses as well.

The future was revealed at this year’s ICE gaming exhibition in London, where Microgaming wowed everyone with their incredible presentation of this new tech which combines brand new software for rendering 3D roulette environment through the lenses of the Oculus Rift. How the entire process works is actually quite interesting – the VR Roulette game makes use of the Oculus Rift DK 2 (the available model) along with the Leap Motion 3D controller. The software tracks the player’s hand movements and then uses them to change things in the 3D world in real time. It simulates a reaction that is life-like and very immersive for the player.


The company plans to expand on this prototype and include games from other genres and even translate the technology for use in mobile devices (recent gadgets like Samsungs VR Gear are prime examples how this technology can be applied in a mobile environment). Microgaming’s goal is to be the first to actually allow players to experience virtual casino reality through their advanced software, blurring the line between what’s real and actual immersion, which is something that online casinos most certainly lack.

This is truly groundbreaking stuff – not only are we finally going to break the 4th wall, but also remove the limitations of actually needing to feel the dissonance between playing the game and actually “taking active participation” (literally). It is still far from complete — the working prototype is just a prototype and there was no talk about pricing nor requirements. For starters, you will have to own a VR tech like the Oculus Rift to be able to experience all the goodies the software has to offer, and on the other, you will also need to buy a very powerful computer to handle the VR. All of this brings about a cost of at least $1,500 which seems a bit steep for the regular gambling enthusiast. Still, over time we can probably guess that the whole tech and the software behind VR is bound to get a discount… eventually.

You can watch the demonstration video below:

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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