Lady Gaga On Board For American Horror Story Season 6

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Back in October, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy extended an invitation to Lady Gaga to appear on American Horror Story season 6. The invitation — as with many other things in this day and age — was offered via Twitter (he probably asked via more official channels too, but, who really knows for sure?).

Lady Gaga was certainly impressive in Season 5 of the show. Her character, the countess, was definitely a highlight for the season, and Lady Gaga did a fantastic job bringing the character to life. That said, the status of Murphy’s request was up in the air until only very recently. Speaking with Z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday, Gaga let slip that she would, in fact be returning for season 6. She provided the caveat that she isn’t sure what capacity she will have on the new season. That’s nothing particularly new though, as American Horror Story changes from season to season, often in fairly drastic ways. While there are connections in each of the seasons to many of the other seasons, there is almost no chance that the countess will return in season 6, so Lady Gaga will be playing a new character in whatever situation season 6 will present.

Honestly though, the American Horror Story reveal pales in comparison to the rest of the interview, where Lady Gaga speaks very candidly about her experiences with sexual assault, and what it meant for her to perform “Til it happens to you” at the Oscars last Sunday. It was certainly a moving performance, with a group of domestic assault survivors joining her on stage to finish the song. On the effects of the song since its release, she said:

I am so, so proud to hear this song and see it’s being heard and see the effects it’s having on people. What I’ve witnessed since the performance is really the most astounding thing I’ve ever seen. There’s so many people in the world that feel alone and this song fills them by bringing them together.

You can’t have empathy without trying to understand someone’s pain. It’s really hard nowadays with the Internet and the way we’re online and all the gossip that we read. I’m sorry, I think it’s really shallow. I want young people and old to see that it’s okay that you don’t have to hide from difficult topics.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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