Blockhead Solves An Age Old MacBook Charging Issue


Apple designs some of the best laptop computers on the market, I think most people can agree on that. But they don’t always excel in the area of peripheral design, just look at where the charging port on their Magic Mouse is. Another huge design flaw Apple has maintained over the years has been their MacBook charging brick. It’s big, bulky and awkward and hangs off like a giant tumor when you have to plug it into a wall. You could simply use the extension cord that Apple gives with some models of MacBooks but sometimes you don’t need that extra three feet. Ten One Design has come up with a simple solution to make your MacBook adapter functional and it’s called Blockhead.

Blockhead takes the outlet prongs and turns them sideways allowing you to plug the adapter in flush against the wall! Holy cow Apple, how hard was that? No longer will your MacBook adapter just dangle from the wall a prime target for someone walking by to damage it and the outlet. No longer will the weight of the adapter pull itself out of the wall and cause you all sorts of frustration. This is really a simple yet brilliant solution to a frustrating design flaw in one of Apple’s most used accessories and we’re glad to see Ten One Design finally make it right.

You can pick up your Blockhead at the link below in the meantime tell us some of your MacBook adapter horror stories if you got them. Just leave those in the comments below and you can also comment on this article on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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