Yeelight Bedlamp Review: A Versatile Smart Lighting Solution

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Smart products have taken center stage lately and the Yeelight Bedlamp is one of the more versatile smart lighting solutions out there, check out our review.


Made from a very solid plastic material with an aluminum covered bottom portion, the Yeelight Bedlamp is solidly constructed and does not feel cheap whatsoever. It’s very modern and sleek with the power button and mode button mounted flush on top, but nicely designed so as to not break up the flow of the design. The included app is also nicely designed with some very nice features including making schedules, setting a “wake-up light”, night mode, changing colors, setting rolling colors or solid color, and also has Wechat control for those using the Wechat service. Overall the design of the Yeelight Bedlamp and its included app (both iOS and Android) is sleek and very well done.

Ease of Use

The simplicity of using the lamp is one of its big selling points, you don’t even have to use the included app if you don’t want to. Most everything can be controlled by using the two buttons at the top or by the touch control ring at the top. With touch and slide, you can adjust brightness, power off delay, switch light mode, adjust color all with your finger. It’s really an awesome non-smart light as well if using your phone to control things isn’t your thing. Overall the ease of use is great, anyone should be able to set this up in a matter of minutes with a smartphone, and only seconds without a smartphone.

Yeelight bedlamp motions


The Yeelight Bedlamp isn’t the brightest light in the room but it’s really not designed to give you full room illumination. One of the issues we have at our house is at bedtime I like to go to sleep and my wife likes to read for a bit. Traditional lamps are often too bright, even with lower watt bulbs, making it difficult for me to fall asleep while she reads. The Yeelight gives off a soft LED light that can be adjusted down to the perfect illumination that it doesn’t disturb my sleep but gives her enough light to read.

Using this lamp in a kids room as a night light is also a great application, once again, it isn’t so overpowering that it will disturb sleep time but it has enough power to illuminate what you need. Plus the kids love the multiple colors and rolling color changes. Overall the Yeelight performs really well and it does exactly what it should do and does it very well.

Yeelight Bedlamp Colors


Currently selling for $69.00 on Amazon I’d say this is a great buy, we almost bought a traditional lamp for my wife to read at night but I am glad the Yeelight came along. We both love the ability to adjust brightness and color from either the phone or the touch controls. This is a great solution for low light needs and I’ve been told that multi-color lighting is supposed to help with calming and other things, but I’ll let you make that determination if you pick one up.

Wrap Up

This is a nicely designed and solidly built lamp with multiple applications. The smart functions give it a little more fun factor but versus a traditional lamp, the Yeelight Bedlamp is a solid choice for small scenario lighting — and well worth the low $69.00 price tag..

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*We were sent a review sample of the Yeelight Bedlamp for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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