Steve Wozniak Clears The Air: “The Garage Is A Myth”


“The garage is a myth.” That is according to Steve Wozniak in a recent Reddit video in which he speaks to his formative moment that brought him to where he is today. Often times a story gets told and retold thousands of times over it becomes somewhat reshaped, reformed and perhaps glamorized. That’s what seems to have happened to the Apple garage story as co-founder Steve Wozniak calls the story more of a myth.

The garage is a myth. It is accurate to say that we had a humble start. And when you have a humble start and you have no money, your friends from high school are the ones doing it with you and you’re in your house. We never once discussed a product in the garage, never conceived of a product, never talked about features of a product in the garage. We did them a lot of other places. But people thought we had a garage with people sitting around in it… no. (chuckles)

Well someone’s bubble was burst with this piece of information. While the sitting around in a garage part is a myth, we do know that Apple started from the ground up and Steve Wozniak (alongside Steve Jobs) was a major part of forming the company. It’s an interesting interview to watch and to hear Steve talk about his passion for computers at an early age and how he learned and grew and eventually co-founded the company we know as Apple. It’s also great to listen to his advice on a business structure believing a company should start off with engineers and creatives not just business minded individuals.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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