Netflixs Drops $90 Million On Will Smith Flick Bright


Will Smith is about to add some Benjamin’s to his bank account thanks to Netflix dropping $90 million on his new movie, Bright. Netflix has become more aggressive in movie and television production since it has seen success in making their own branded entertainment. Netflix Original series like Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones have taken off with audiences bringing in more subscribers to the streaming content company. This latest investment in a Will Smith anchored movie could rake in even more viewers and open up even more opportunity for the company to work with big Hollywood movie stars.

The movie is a cop thriller called Bright that includes “fantastical elements.” Netflix will spend more than $45 million to shoot the film, the same for talent, plus $3 million for the script by Max Landis, Deadline reports.

Reports indicate that Netflix outbid Hollywood heavyweights Warner Bros. and MGM to land the movie and Netflix paid $30 million more for this film than they did for War Machine, another Netflix film starring Brad Pitt which has not yet released. Some critics believe that Netflix is going to have a problem getting their films into theaters due to their policy of streaming the film the day of theatrical release. The thought is many of the larger theater chains just won’t run a film they know people can watch at home with a Netflix subscription. That remains to be seen as many people enjoy watching blockbuster films on the big screen over their home television screen. Netflix will have to play up the “movie experience” angle to perhaps sell their film to both theaters and audiences.

Bright, starring Will Smith and directed by David Ayer starts filming this fall, no release date has been given.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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