New iOS Exploit Could Help FBI Access iPhone

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A new iOS exploit, discovered by an undisclosed party, could potentially help the FBI access the iPhone Apple has refused to backdoor for them. A federal judge has postponed the latest hearing in the FBI vs. Apple case so the Justice Department can explore this new iOS exploit presented to the agency. The new exploit was shown to the Justice Department on Sunday by someone “outside” of the government and the Justice Department contacted Apple with this new information. So for now the entire case against Apple is in a holding pattern until they see if this actually cracks the infamous iPhone 5c that is in FBI evidence.

The FBI has not disclosed the vulnerability that has been discovered but Apple lawyers are hoping the agency will share the exploit so it can be patched. Tim Cook took to the stage at yesterday’s Apple event and opened the presentation by declaring Apple would not back down from the FBI. If this exploit works, he may not have to even worry about giving in to the FBI’s demands at all. That should leave Apple to deal with what is important and that is patching the security holes in iOS as fast as researchers and hackers are finding them. Before the Apple event yesterday we reported on another new iOS exploit that can decrypt iMessage media. Apple’s latest release of iOS 9.3 should now address that issue but the cold hard facts are, security is a real issue and no operating system is safe from hackers.

Security is something Microsoft, Apple and Google do not want you to worry about because if you knew the amount of security issues they’ve had, you wouldn’t want to buy into their products. What do you think of this new iOS exploit given to the FBI? Should the FBI share it with Apple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

iOS 9.3

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