Luna Promises A Revolutionary Wireless Speaker


Luna is a new wireless speaker being funded on Kickstarter and the company behind it promises a revolution once it hits the market. Made from premium materials and sporting a sleek modern design the speaker is small yet powerful and filled with plenty of functions. The design of the speakers reminds me of the old Apple G4 iMac speakers that were made specifically for the G4. The round orb design is still striking to this day and Crazybaby seems to have borrowed at least a little inspiration from them.

Elevate your music lifestyle by creating a powerful speaker network customized to any space. The centerpiece of Luna’s design, Luna Eye, will automatically emerge when the speaker is powered on. This AWU smart electric telescopic system benefits the resonate performance by giving more space for the body. Luna’s connectivity is outstanding among its category. Powered by MESHNET network technology, the music network can support up to 32 units paired together. With Luna, your true connected music life will start from here.

To deliver more layered sound performance, our acoustic engineer team equipped Luna with not only full range speaker, but an independent tweeter speaker in charge of Luna’s crisp and sweet high frequency sound. Besides, the telescopic mechanic opens up Luna Eye and will benefit the resonate performance by giving more space for the acoustic components inside the body.

Luna Eye is the most creative design in wireless speaker,and to the essence of its innovative light and audio system. It comprises an independent tweeter speaker, a light guiding component, a dome and a ring ornament. Applies smart electric telescopic system, Luna eye will automatically come out of the body when powered on.

Hit the link below to checkout this Kickstarter if you’re interested and leave a comment below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and tell us what you think.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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