SpeedX Leopard Smart Aero Road Bike


SpeedX Leopard is the world’s first smart aero road bike that has raised nearly $600K on Kickstarter and climbing. Bicycling is a huge sport all over the world and many athletes use some sort of electronic to measure a variety of data that is important to them. There’s apps for your smartphone and dedicated devices that clamp on to the bike and sometimes the person. But instead of having all the extra devices the SpeedX Leopard incorporates them into the bike itself. I’m no athlete and I don’t ride this caliber of bike but I do have to say, the SpeedX Leopard is damn sexy!

More than a year ago we set ourselves an incredible mission. We wanted to combine carbon fiber and technology in a bike in an aerodynamic way like never done before. After 1560 sketches, 12 different prototypes and one year of our time we present you: The SpeedX Leopard.

Undistracted Pleasure. This is what SpeedX Leopard is all about. Riding is an activity that touches people’s mind. Riders want to be integrated with the bike, in each own rhythm, in fluency, without distraction. Leopard is ready to give the rider the ultimate road experience.

SpeedX Leopard

Built with aesthetics and performance in mind.The Leopard will surpass your every riding need: whether for intense training and competition or a Sunday spin with friends, it offers unparalleled comfort and enjoyment.

speedx's screen

Imagine a bike with a brain – taking care of everything except the cycling. That’s just what we made SpeedX Smart Control to do. It records your ride data and provides you with professional analysis in real-time with its built-in 2.4” inch screen. We designed XCoach specifically to prepare professional training courses – with interesting tasks and challenges, as well as global ranking tables.

This Kickstarter has taken off to the moon, with 27 days to go the company has raised nearly 600K dollars with their starting goal of $50K shattered in two hours. Hit the link below to checkout the Kickstarter and see if you want to back this project.

[button link=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/speedx/speedx-leopard-the-first-ever-smart-aero-road-bike?token=d69e6fd6″ icon=”fa-external-link” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Source: Kickstarter[/button]

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

SpeedX Leopard

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