Microsoft Launches Music x Technology Collaboration Website

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Microsoft has officially launched a new online destination for new ideas combining music and technology called Music x Technology. The website will feature monthly content with new artist collaborations and behind-the-scenes videos on how technology helped make the music come to life.

The first feature on the site is an interactive photography project shot by Carlo Van de Roer, founder of Satellite Lab. de Roer collaborated with critically acclaimed DJ/producer Matthew Dear, electronic pop duo Phantogram, and electronic music band Neon Indian to create some innovative portraits.

“Photography and music have a long history,” states de Roer. “With making these portraits, we wanted to think about the relationship between these musicians and an audience — with technology as the conduit for that relationship.”

Microsoft also held a listening party last week to celebrate the official release of “Aspen” from the Canadian producer and mau5trap artist ATTLAS. ATTLAS created the track using a Microsoft Surface tablet, and recorded it on the road as part of deadmau5’s mau5hax bu5 tour. The private listening party was held at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice, California and included an intimate panel discussion where ATTLAS gave further insights on the technology behind the music production process.

“It’s the merging of studio and performance that is the most exciting frontier.” Jeff Hartford of ATTLAS said. “When you get things like Surface where you can merge these two worlds of studio and performance and turn them into this new hybrid — the benefit is for the performer, the benefit is for the listener, and it only helps music.”

Check out the behind the scenes video below for a closer look at how ATTLAS created the “Aspen” track.

You can check out more at the Music x Technology website. Let us know what you think about Microsoft’s Music x Technology initiative in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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