Microsoft Shows Off A Sneak Peek Of Its Anniversary Update For Windows 10


After receiving much heat about the Start Menu not appearing in Windows 8, Microsoft brought it back in Windows 10, but still offered the live tiles we know from Windows 8. Microsoft is asking Windows Insider testers to see if the company is still doing well with the Start Menu after making a change that will be coming in a major update for Windows 10.

The route Microsoft is taking for this update is to make it easier for those using PCs and tablets to access apps from the start screen. They’ll do this by taking away some time from scrolling through the menu to find the right app and clicking reduce clicking time too. In a way the Start Menu is getting an overhaul, but nothing too drastic which is why Microsoft is asking testers to make sure they’re still doing things right. What was done to the Start Menu, and will be something that Android users will be familiar with is a hamburger menu is being added in the top left of the screen. You’ll also see that “Most Used” will be an option for those that tend to use the same apps a lot. All apps will still be there and of course, you will have to scroll through to find the ones you’re looking for, but the way it works is the apps will display full screen like Windows 8 did.

Windows 10 Start menu

Other than a change to the Start menu, a slight change taking place is the power and settings icon will be moved to a sidebar below the File Manager. The Anniversary Update will be Microsoft’s first major update to Windows 10 and will most likely be out by June or July.

Personally, I like the new Start menu, though I don’t have an issue with the current one, but what are your thoughts about the new Start menu? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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