World’s First Activity Monitoring Compression Sleeve Hits Kickstarter


There are numerous ways these days to track and monitor your fitness activity, from the more popular fitness bands to chest straps. Canadian company Komodo Technologies has launched the world’s first activity monitoring compression sleeve — the AIO Smart Sleeve — on Kickstarter.

With a small tracking device held securely against the forearm, AIO uses an application processor from Toshiba to collect and report crucial data like heartbeat, intensity of activity (MET) and sleep analysis more accurately than a traditional wrist wearable. Meant for those monitoring their heart health, the upgraded AIO M.D. is one of the first devices on the consumer market with an Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor to measure the heart’s electrical activity.

“In my own fitness routine, I found that the activity wristbands became cumbersome and uncomfortable, leading to inaccuracies. AIO solves this problem by fusing the tracker to a consistent location on the arm for more precise data,” said Komodo Founder, Elvis Goren. “AIO M.D. takes this technology a step further, notifying users of heart irregularities over time. We’re even working on algorithms that will detect early signs of heart inflammation and coronary heart disease, as well as record users’ stress levels—a convenient and invaluable tool for those who are monitoring their heart condition.”

AIO-compression-sleeveThe AIO Smart Sleeve is designed with two different fabrics. The first uses a polyester Lycra blend, the standard material used for compression sleeves, and the second uses thin, breathable, antimicrobial polycarbon material. The AIO Smart Sleeve not only fits snugly and improves your daily reporting, but also provides a more comfortable alternative to today’s activity bands.

The sleeve has a 7 day battery life and includes a heartbeat sensor, step counter, distance tracker, sleep analysis, MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) measurement, and continuous ECG monitoring (AIO M.D. sleeve only). The 12-bit 3-axis accelerometer provides close to 100 samples per second, which results in the most accurate reading of sleep behaviour and physical activity. In addition, 2MB of internal RAM allows the AIO Sleeve to store data even when a Bluetooth connection can not be established, allowing for data from the device to be downloaded at any time. Future versions will also be able to analyze and report barometric pressure, UV activity, air quality, and blood oxygen levels.

Benefits of the AIO Smart Sleeve include:

  • Compression Sleeve provides proper blood circulation, prevents swelling;
  • Compression Sleeve act as layer of protection for your skin from scratches and UV rays;
  • Compression Sleeve maintains body temperature;
  • Compression Sleeve helps muscles that are sore after exercise to recover faster.
  • AIO device placed into Sleeve eliminates air gap between sensor and skin which provides error free pulse reading;
  • Using conductive nano traces device provides scientifically precise continuous ECG information;
  • Absolutely comfortable for overnight sleep analysis.

The AIO Smart Sleeve is available for $99CAD (~$75USD), while the AIO M.D. Sleeve with ECG reading capabilities is available for $129CAD (~$99USD) on Kickstarter with shipping expected in September.

What do you think about the AIO Smart Sleeve? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on April 12, 2016.


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