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Introducing Move It — World’s First Mobile-Connected Smart Home Gym


A new smart home gym has been introduced today by Eggplant Technologies. Move It is a four-in-one mobile-connected smart home gym that provides quick and effective cardio and muscle workouts. The companion app for iOS and Android provides instant feedback on workouts, offers users access to trainer-created workouts, and connects them with friends, family, and the fitness community for encouragement and friendly competition.

“We created a device that marries traditional workout equipment with the benefits of our industry leading sensing technology and algorithm to help create the future of fitness,” said Ivan Ho, CEO, Move It. “From the living room to the boardroom, our goal is to allows millions to live a more active lifestyle no matter where they are or how stretched their schedules are without sacrificing the benefits of the camaraderie and inspiration of a fitness community.”

Movie It is housed in a compact stand and includes an Ab Wheel, a Resistance Band, two Push-Up Handles, and a Jump Rope which all feature interchangeable Intelligent Handles and Sensors that wirelessly connect to the companion app. The handles and equipment contain sensors that precisely track movement in real time and provide instant feedback on exercise form, calories burned, and the number of reps performed. LED lights in the handles also indicate workout status and have a battery that lasts a week.


The Move It Smart Home Gym.

In addition, the app features pre-recorded and live workouts, tracking of fitness data in real-time which allows users to track their overall performance, and the securely stored data provides guidance on what difficulty levels are best suited for each individual user. Community is a big part of the app as well, and allows users to follow each other and even find virtual “workout buddies” or compete in “challenge mode” with both one-on-one and team challenges and games.

Eggplant Technologies has started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a funding goal of $30,000USD, and limited Early Bird Specials are available allowing backers to save 30% off retail and pick up a Move It smart home gym for $159USD.

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