BLOOD FATHER: Mel Gibson Is Back


BLOOD FATHER is Mel Gibson’s latest action flick and from the looks of the trailer it’s like a mashup of past Mel Gibson action flicks combined into one. The trailer is short but the mobile home in the middle of nowhere brings back memories of Martin Riggs’s place in Lethal Weapon. The chase scenes and Mel’s attitude bring memories of Mad Max and Payback to mind. The idea of protecting his child from an evil character (in this case drug dealers) brings back scenes from Ransom. It’s like they cut up Mel’s career movies and spliced them together for this film, take a look at the trailer below.

Now don’t get me wrong, BLOOD FATHER looks like it’s going to be a decent enough action flick to catch on Blu-Ray and I rather like the trailer. But man, this is seriously like a giant recycling of Mel Gibson classics. Mel was last in The Expendables 3 in 2014, which is Sylvester Stallone’s action fest starring over the hill action stars (including himself). Even the Expendables series wasn’t awfully awful, it was entertaining enough on a fun shoot ’em up level.

This is where I think BLOOD FATHER is going to fall for me and frankly probably for a lot of people. Not looking to see this film win any awards or break any box office records, but it is Mel being… well, being Mel. You have to give the man credit though, he gave us some amazing movies and if he has a few more action flicks left under his belt, then who am I to stop him from making them? Maybe there’s another Lethal Weapon coming?

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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