VLC, Everyone’s Favorite Media Player Is Going To Be A Universal Windows App

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There’s some good news for fans of VLC Media Player on Windows based devices. A universal version of VLC, one that takes advantage of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), is coming soon to Xbox One and other Windows devices. What does this mean? Take a look at this handy graphic from Microsoft.

Microsoft UWP

Basically, the UWP allows you to create an app that works across all the listed device families. So, yes, VLC is now going to work on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, not all versions of Windows 10 Mobile will be supported, due to limitations around background audio APIs. To quote Thomas Nigro, the main maintainer of VLC for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10…

“Redstone only, TH2 will probably not be supported. This is because of technical limitations around Background audio APIs, and bad drivers on the phones not receiving the RS1 bits.”

The public beta for Windows 10 Mobile is coming next week, with an official release in early May. There isn’t going to be a public beta for the Windows 10 desktop app though, but a closed beta is coming in early May with a public release expected around mid May.

Thomas Nigro also went on to say that their team has been working on Xbox One for a long time, but were facing issues because of a lack of proper APIs.

“We’ve been working on Xbox One for a long time, even considered a Windows 8 app last year, but we couldn’t because of the lack of proper APIs. The work on the Xbox One UWP port started in February, and it’s been a pleasure to follow the SDK updates.”

The app is available for those interested in building it from source. It’s bound to be a bit buggy though. Thomas says that the app will be available in the summer, when developers can start pushing UWP apps to Xbox. As the graphic shows, there’s more to the Universal Windows Platform family of devices. Thomas says that the team is working on a version of VLC for IoT devices, specifically the Raspberry Pi 3 and possibly the Raspberry Pi 2. They have no release date as of now.

The team is also planning to start work on VLC for HoloLens, once they have some devices to experiment on. In the meantime, check out some of the screenshots they’re released.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you looking forward to VLC on your Xbox One? Let us know, in the comments below, on Google+, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

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