Create Your Own Xbox One Tournament With New Gfinity App


You don’t have to be a star gamer anymore to enter tournaments for your favourite Xbox One games. Gfinity, a company who has worked to help create and aid the development of the UK and Global eSports scene, has launched an Xbox One app that allows gamers to built their own tournaments — for ANY game. The Gfinity For Xbox app lets you create and manage your own cups, leagues, and ladders directly from your Xbox One.

Whether you’re inviting your friends to a private ladder to uncover who the best Rocket League player is, setting up a Halo league in the office, or running your own FIFA head-to-head knockout cup, our app can facilitate it. Play for bragging rights, who buys the next round or just because. We hope to see many amateur and professional competitions blossom; both within our own community and beyond!

As mentioned above, you can build three types of tournaments: cups, leagues, or ladders. Cups are straight elimination formats that lead up to a final, while in a league players play each other a set number of times and gain points for wins, loses, or ties, and finally ladders you accept matches from other opponents and climb up and down the ladder by gaining points for winning and losing points for losing matches.

Even though there are preset games to choose from, if the game you want to run an individual or team tournament isn’t listed, you can easily added it during the tournament setup process. You can also create invite only or open tournaments, invite other Gfinity users to participate, use Gfinity rules or create your own, and more in the app.

You can check out an overview of building a cup tournament in the video below:

To help celebrate the launch of the new Xbox One app, Gfinity is hosting an exclusive Xbox One $2,000 Rocket League tournament. To participate players can download the app, navigate to ‘Games’ in the app, select ‘Rocket League’ and finally ‘Ladder’ to register. Unfortunately, there is no word yet if a similar app will be released for the PC or PlayStation 4.

What do you think about the Gfinity tournament app for Xbox One? Do you plan on using it? What tournament will you be setting up? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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