Marvel’s Inhumans Film Removed From Schedule, May Be Cancelled


To say that Marvel has been on a roll would be an understatement. Multiple blockbusters, rave reviews, billions at the box office, mountainous excitement building about their upcoming projects and a schedule full of upcoming films featuring some of the biggest names and stories in comic books. That last one however might now be a problem it seems. With a roster so bloated, and new acquisitions along the way, something had to give. The building rumors have now been confirmed as Disney officially removed the Inhumans from their already bumped release date, with no alternate announced.

Much like Guardians Of The Galaxy, the story of the Inhumans was a bit of an oddball in the current cinematic universe. GotG found great success on the strength of its captivating story, strong direction and fantastic characters, but its triumph was not enough to make the Inhumans a sure bet and it was always of secondary interest to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Additionally, stories of in-house fighting between Feige and Isaac Perlmutter were reported by Bleeding Cool. In 2015 the conflict climaxed and numerous Perlmutter projects, which included the Inhumans, were de-prioritized and possibly cancelled altogether. When asked about the film, Feige is reassuring the fans that it will be made at some point and that this is simply a reshuffling of the schedule.

“I think it will shuffle off the current date that it’s on right now. How far down it shuffles, I’m not sure yet. It’s a question of when.” – Paul Feige

Since the initial announcement of the upcoming films Marvel has since added: Spider-Man: Homecoming and an Ant-Man sequel, focusing on his relationship with the the Wasp. Further complicating things is the new Indians Jones movie that Disney has announced around the same time as the Inhumans initial release date.

Angry? Blame these two
Angry? Blame these two

The question now is how the fans will react to the news. Do the Inhumans have enough of a base to cause an outrage over the possible cancellation and make the studio place more emphasis on these characters?

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