Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard Has Serious Potential

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The Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard app has hit the iOS App Store as a free download for all iPhone users, and it has serious potential. I’ve been highly critical of almost every third party keyboard on iOS including my Android favorite, SwiftKey. I’ve yet to find a keyboard with swiping capabilities that works well and doesn’t constantly disappear. I’m not certain it’s an iOS bug or bugs in the keyboards themselves, but having to chose the third party keyboard again (once it’s been chosen) is a bit annoying. Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard has just hit iOS so it may take a few days or even weeks for me to properly use it in every scenario I use the keyboard for. Here’s what Microsoft says about Word Flow Keyboard in the App Store.

Word Flow for iPhone, a Microsoft Garage project, is a blazing fast keyboard that comes with free customization options and includes Arc mode for easy, ergonomic one-handed typing.

Blazing Fast
• Whether you’re tapping or swiping, Word Flow predicts what you’re trying to type and corrects mistakes.
• Word Flow intelligently suggests the next word in your sentence, and gets better at it over time.
• With access to your Contacts, Word Flow predicts the names of your contacts so you can go even faster.

Personalized – just how you like it
• You can customize Word Flow background using one of the images included in the app, or use your own favorite image.
• All the images included with the app are free and we’ll keep adding new ones.

Best for one-handed typing: Switch to Arc mode and easily reach keys on larger screens for a more ergonomic one-handed typing experience.

Word Flow on iOS is optimized for iPhone, and supports English language only.


I’ve been using the Word Flow Keyboard for the better part of the day and so far I love the ability to have the Arc mode, it works great for one thumb typing or swiping. So far the keyboard has been pretty accurate with good word replacement suggestions. The keyboard will learn over time so we’ll see how it looks in the next few weeks. For now, head over to the App Store to download it for yourself and give it a go.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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