Introducing Top Picks: Our Choices For The Best Of The Best


One of our favourite things to do here at Techaeris is to review various tech, audio, games, and other products. Not only is it fun to play around and test the latest devices, but we like to bring you what we feel are straightforward and honest reviews — reviews by everyday people for everyday users. The editorial staff at Techaeris has been tossing around an idea for awhile now, and are pleased to announce our Top Picks program, which distinguishes the best products that we review.

When we review products, we try our best to take the target market and expected use of the device into account, that’s why you’ll see a $300 laptop rate just as high as a $1500 laptop, or a $20 pair of earbuds rated higher than their $150 counterparts. Trust us, it’s not an easy process to keep our reviews as objective as possible. That being said, there are products that we review that instantly stand out more than others, and we feel that they should be designated as such and as a result the Top Picks program was born.

We’ve gone through our reviews since January 1st and selected a few products that we feel are deserving of such a distinction as part of the inaugural Top Picks class if you will. Our initial list includes everything from Bluetooth speakers and headphones to laptops, monitors, a gaming mouse, smartphone cases, and more. Whether it be due to a combination of design, price, sound, and value, each product or device in our Top Picks program is more than deserving of our extra stamp of approval. Our choices are definitely more subjective than our reviews, and just because a product gets a perfect score, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a Top Pick; likewise, a product doesn’t need to have a perfect 5/5 in order to be chosen as a Top Pick. As the year goes on, we’ll be adding more products to the list and at the end of the year we will be putting together a list of the Best Products of 2016, which we’ll be breaking down more on a per category and price basis.

You can access our Top Picks in the sidebar on each page, they can also be accessed under the Reviews menu link in our header, and of course you’ll be able to easily tell if a product was chosen as a Top Pick by the Top Pick badge in the featured image on the product review.

With that, we hope you enjoy our new Top Picks program and find value in using it to assist you with any product purchasing decisions you’ll be making — and, as always, thanks again for reading and supporting Techaeris!


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