TV Station Gets Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt On Air


Windows 10 upgrade: some of us have done it, some of us haven’t. There are many reasons why people have gone ahead and done the Windows 10 upgrade and many reasons why some haven’t. Local news viewers of KCCI TV in Des Moines, Iowa now know for sure that at least their meteorological computers are still running something other than Windows 10. While meteorologist Metinka Slater was delivering the local weather forecast the notorious Windows 10 upgrade prompt popped up making for a few moments of comic relief. Check out the video below.

Apparently KCCI’s IT department is either behind on their Windows 10 upgrade roll out or they aren’t sure how to turn off these reminders within the Windows registry (probably not a task for regular users). In the past some users were reporting that Windows 10 upgrade was auto installing on their PC’s, that would have been something had that happened to KCCI. For some users, especially businesses, upgrading to Windows 10 isn’t an option just yet. They may have other proprietary software that isn’t compatible with Windows 10 or there may be security concerns the computer security department has with installing Windows 10 and are actively testing it.

Either way, Microsoft got a few minutes of local airtime in Des Moines, Iowa for their Windows 10 upgrade, which may or may not be a good thing. The prompt on live TV did make for a good laugh, at least for geeks like us though Metinka seemed to get a kick out of it as well (maybe she’s a geek too).

Have you upgraded to Windows 10? Why or why not? Do you work in an IT department that hasn’t upgraded to Windows 10? Give us some reasons why a business wouldn’t do the upgrade. Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on social media, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

*Hat tip to Bryan L for alerting us to this story.
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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

Windows 10 Upgrade

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