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Becoming more and more connected through our smartphones has become a double edged sword and the Logi ZeroTouch is looking to blunt that sword. Smartphone usage while driving is a real problem and it’s probably fair to say that many of us (myself included) are guilty of sneaking a peek at the screen. 40% of American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by an astonishing 37%. You can see more statistics about distracted driving in the infographic below courtesy of  Certified Paralegals. Read on after for our full review of the Logi ZeroTouch.

Logi ZeroTouch


Logi ZeroTouch comes in two different configurations, a vent mount and a dash mount. The vent mount is the smaller of the two and costs $59.99 while the larger dash mount costs $79.99. Both mounts have a modern design and are built with quality materials and constructed well. Neither mount feels cheap, Logitech has done a superb job of designing both of these mounts to last and look good.

But the Logi ZeroTouch is more than a mount. Sure, you can buy cheaper car mounts for your smartphone but not one that comes with its own versatile hands-free car app. The Logi ZeroTouch pairs with the app on your Android device (no iOS currently) and allows you to control a variety of functions through voice.

You can use the Logi ZeroTouch to text your contacts as well as place hands-free calls. You can voice command music apps like Spotify and Deezer and issue commands like “pause” and “skip.” You can voice navigate to a location by telling Logi ZeroTouch the address or location or by using a pre-programmed location in the app. You can share your location to family and friends through the app.


Overall the design of both mounts is spot on and very premium. The mounts hold your phone securely and take up very little space. The app is versatile and provides a ton of functionality that would be useful for many. The mounts are currently only usable with Android devices running 4.4 and above, Logitech would not comment on any forthcoming iOS functionality.

Ease Of Use

Initial setup of Logi ZeroTouch is simple and only takes 5-10 minutes of pairing the phone and mount. Logitech provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide through the setup which gets you going quickly. Using the app was dead easy in real world use. The app recognized my voice commands and returned what I requested very quickly. Using the Logi ZeroTouch should be very easy for any user, from expert tech geeks to non-tech geeks. Logitech wants people to get their hands off their phones, so making this as simple as possible was a big priority.


Pre-Orders are live now on Logitech’s site and you can pick up the vent mount for $60 and the dash mount for $80. Pricing is always a personal thing, some may find this a great value for what it offers, others may not. I don’t think the pricing is unreasonable given that Logitech makes quality products all around.

Wrap Up

If you need a hands-free solution for your car, Logi ZeroTouch is one you should consider. It offers a huge amount of options that will help you keep your eyes on the road and investing $80 into the safety of everyone is probably worth it.

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*We were sent review samples of the Logi Zero-Touch for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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